samwise-gamgee asked:
I'm with your company, M'Lady! At least, I'm pretty sure I am....

Glad to hear so, young hobbit. A sword and cooking knowledge such as yours is much appreciated and most welcome. Do not worry, we shall find Frodo soon.

legolasgreenleafbestandprettiest asked:
My lady I never got to thank you properly for watching over my drunken, mushroom wasted body the other night so that I would make it to my own wedding. Cheers!

I’m sorry I tied you up, Brother. But I could not allow you to harm yourself seeing as you were in quite an … odd, condition.

[ Grins. ]

plantb0y asked:
I am doing fine, my lady.. Just enjoying the lovely Autumn air.. I do love summer, though I have missed the warmth that the late months bring. How fare thee, Lady Arwen? I have not seen you lately. :)

I’ve been terribly busy with things that are difficult to discuss. But do not fret, young one, I fare well. Things are looking up, if anything is to be said! By brother is being bound to a most wonderful friend.

mrbagginsofbagend asked:
Lady Arwen! Although I am in Rivendell I haven't see you in such a long time, I hope you are very well and life is treating you the way such beautiful creatures like elves deserves (and that's the most high kind of well). If you return to Rivendell any soon, I hope we can meet there, so I can thank you and your family for your hospitality to this old hobbit.

Dearest Bilbo, I am returning to Rivendell as I write. I am bringing my son, Eldarion, with me and I hope we meet soon. He’s still very young and we would love to hear your songs and stories. I cannot wait to see you, as your presence brightens my father’s halls.

legolasgreenleafbestandprettiest asked:
Arwen, I am positively falling apart while your brother is still in Rivendell. Do your best to encourage him to travel to Mirkwood, lest I go crazy.

My father will also probably wish to see you, though hopefully on better terms. I will try my best to put them both in a good humor as to solve the predicament that has arisen. My thanks to you, Legolas, for caring gently for my brother’s heart.

plantb0y asked:
Mäe govannen, Arwen, eneth nîn Lady Iellwen:) How fare thee?

I am well! A bit tired as I have been awake these past nights wondering what to do with myself. But my problems are my own.

What of you, fair lady?

aragorn- asked:
We are expected to receive Eomer and Lothiriel, for they have business here in Minas Tirith that I am to help them with.

Eomer? Lothiriel? It has been far too long! I cannot wait to see them … We may wait for them to arrive before sending him off. I wish to accompany him as he is far too young to travel alone with only his guards to keep him from harm.

aragorn- asked:
My love, we're expecting important guests in the next day or two, I ought to let you know.

Important guests? My dearest, I know not of what you speak. Who are we expecting?

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